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 Character Education Assembly            



Awareness and Prevention

The Youth Unite is pleased to offer our “Character Education Assembly” to Stateline area middle schools. Thanks to a grant from Ecolab, you can have The Youth Unite role models visit your school to reach out to youth and provide encouragement and survival tools. This presentation was written and is presented by young people in a creative and compelling way to relate to 12-15 year-olds. The program discusses:


- How to make bullying less frequent

- What students should do when they feel bullied

- Empathy towards fellow students

- How to be secure in your own identity

- Ways for students to control their emotions

The program ranges from 35-55 minutes and is presented by 2 Youth Unite Role Models. Brittnay Wittnebel (26) and Johnny Wittnebel (22) have given several presentations to audiences about self-control, character building, and empathy. Their stories align closely with what your students are experiencing and their message is compelling. The presentation also includes a multimedia slideshow that will grasp your student’s attention and reinforce the “Character Education Assembly” message. The cost of this program is $500. This fee covers: travel costs for 2 presenters, t-shirts, posters, buttons for the participating students, and an informative DVD with additional handouts for teachers and guidance counselors to use after the assembly.


If your school is interested in this incredible opportunity please contact us below!

Interested in getting your school involved? Send us a message to learn more!


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